To Me YOU are has been initiated by Adrian, Olivia and Francois.

We are three enthusiasts that believe in simple and meaningful things.  

In this fast world that's becoming busier every day we want to ask people to stop for a while and do one simple thing that might bring along a smile, some happy tears and a big hug: We want to encourage everyone to share their feelings. Yes, it may be tough but it's so worth it !


We don't want to change the world with this, however if the world becomes a better place, we will be happier!


If you want to share your feelings, or just join us in spreading our manifesto, feel free to write us.


We went out on the streets of London and we asked people to take a moment and share their feelings for someone dear. Without any hesitance lots of the passers by stopped and did it....







on the streets of London


Who will you write your Santa letter for ?


Every Christmas we ask Santa to bring us presents.

What if, for once, we asked Santa to bring presents for someone else ? 

This question inspired our story, so we asked some generous people to write their Santa Letter in a different way.

Watch their story and spread the Christmas magic!






Encouraging human connections


How easy is it for you to say Thank You or I miss you or You mean a lot to me?

And how happy does it make you when you are being told these things?


To Me YOU are is a manifesto for love and true heartfelt feelings.


They say expressing feelings is not easy, but it's definitely rewarding and has a direct influence on our well-being and happiness. We were attacted by this tension between the generosity of expressing true heartfelt feelings and the slight difficulty of doing it. So we made an experiment in Paris where we asked some brave people to share their feelings in front of a camera. This is what happened when we showed the film to their dear ones.